Monday, December 10, 2012

A Lot of Want Tos

This isn't a Christmas list: I've been hampered more than a little in the past eight or nine weeks with my old bugaboo, a miserable knee. The knee in question, my right one, has already had two surgeries, so next month it goes in for replacement. Unfortunately, I've got to go with it.

In the meantime, my physical activity is pretty much limited to a stationary bike and a couple of light dumbbells.

The left knee replacement went well last year, though any kind of surgery when they have to knock you all the way out is less fun than most other things. Too, there is no time wasted between coming out of the ether (or whatever anesthesia they use) to starting rehab. Leg motion starts on day 1, and you're out of bed the next day, if memory serves...memory doesn't always serve well, because they started pain medication (Fentanyl...never again!) that interacted with anesthesia too early and I hallucinated for what Frances says was four days. I guess I was in and out because I can recall learning to use a walker--there really is a right way!

Rehab is no fun, but is a little better than the horror story many guys pass along. Yes, it hurts a bit. Yes, it aches a lot. But in the end, if the surgeon has done his job, which Dr. Larry Lipscomb had, you end up with more range of motion in your knee than you've had in a good number of years. The rehab person is also important. You have to get along, appreciate the effort she--in my case--was putting into getting you active.

In the meantime, check out for my most recent Kindle book:

 And for you bird lovers, here's an easy to make birdhouse:

Come next year, I expect to produce a birdhouse based on scrap materials and stuff that is normally tossed in the dumpster. At this point, I foresee it being another Kindle book, as print publishers are still running scared. I've got most of the methods worked out, all the tools I can think of needed ready to use, and plenty of scrap. I just can't stand for long enough to do the real work. That will come.

Shortly after that, I'll be finishing photography for a beginner's guide to car photography. Short and to the point, with lots of photos. In the meantime, I've got a photo book that is useful for those who want to shoot and organize their photographs in story form. It's what I do, and it's easy, but...

And a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho, just in case I don't get a chance to get back on here before then. Merry Christmas to all.

Next up, Peace on Earth, though I'm afraid we'll need to stick with Semper Fidelis for the foreseeable future.

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