Friday, March 28, 2014

Back in Action--sort of

After over a year of mostly being an invalid, I'm stumbling along in a slightly more active manner these days.

I'm updating a book I wrote nine years ago, for Fox Chapel Publishing. That's a tight deadline I probably won't make.

I'm having fun trying to load an ebook on Smashwords. Evidently they are overloaded right now, so I've wasted over an hour waiting for something that isn't going to happen this morning...maybe never. This is an update, and shortening, of my 1994 "Woodworker's Guide to Selecting and Milling Wood", brought out originally by Betterway Books, a company that was soon bought by Popular Woodworking Books (now owned by F+W Publishing). It should be useful for woodworkers from beginning levels on up to intermediates, and might interest a few experts. All I have to do is get it on-line through Smashwords. It is available as an Amazon Kindle book already.

The car show season for those outside California and Florida is about to crank up, and I hope to be in shape to hit some of south central Virginia's usually large group of smaller local shows. I'm hoping the town of Bedford is still going to be running their Main Street version, though it may mean more walking than I'm capable of at this point.

In another couple of weeks, I'll be attempting to install windows in a basement for an article for "Extreme How To", assigned over 18 months ago. I hope Matt's sense of humor is still intact (and he still wants the article).

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